You run. And you run. Until suddenly the only words you think in are foreign.

There was a sect of Orthodox Old Believers, whose name can be translated as “Runners”. They believed constant movement to be a sacred state. For them being permanently on the run, changing places, crossing boarders signified an escape from everything that’s evil, everything that tries to take away your freedom. It was the only way to be absolutely free and not belong to anything or anywhere. This approach adds spiritual dimension to the very notion of traveling. They were more than just pilgrims traveling to a specific destination of religious significance, more than nomads moving from one place to another together with the cycle of changing seasons of the year, in order to find food and necessary means to survive, more than refugees escaping persecution in their native lands, more than gypsies evading any national/social patterns, structures and civil duties and responsibilities, more than just travelers, and God, way more than mere tourists.

Perhaps that is us. Scattered around. AD 2015.
A cross-country mess, a global mess, an inter-galactic mess.

So is it WHAT we are running FROM or is it WHAT we’re AFTER? Are we running away or are we chasing?
Are we running away from responsibilities, memories, mistakes, places, people, or are we chasing freedom?

Shall we grow up, love?
Build a house, plant a garden in June,and in March brew tea and wear hats?
Brush our teeth in the morning, grind our teeth, bite our tongues off at night?
Shall we build a gypsy caravan, just like Noah’s ark?
Load all dreams and hopes and leave all fears behind?
Perhaps that is that.
Perhaps that is us.
Settle down in the middle of desert. Walk around naked all day.
I don’t mind starting from scratch.
I don’t want scratching from start what has almost healed either way.
Hunt bears. Bears in the desert.
There are bears in the desert, all right.
Or otherwise
I don’t care
Winter gardens
Summer hats.
The only words I can think in are foreign.
Like you and the land you were born in.
Just because I can speak
Doesn’t mean I know all the right things to say.
I just want to stay.
I just want us to stay.

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