The philosophy of a short film

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Life’s but a short film. You are struggling for seconds.

You only have seconds to make your performance memorable. Within seconds you win or you lose. Within seconds strangers turn to lovers and lovers turn to strangers. Seconds can create memories that you will cling to for life. Seconds can smash memories that used to mean the world. We don’t always have the entire ‘Gone With The Wind’, or the ‘James Bond’ series to prove the complexities of our characters and motivations. We don’t always have the perfect soundtrack playing in the background in the moments of climax. Sometimes the seconds we get are filled with awkward silence. Maybe the script is a mess and the director has no clue what he’s doing. Maybe the DP is shortsighted, and the producer is crazy. Maybe the editor has unusually high blood pressure and extremely short attention span. A kiss is just friction of tissue against tissue . A tear is just pretending to be a mere reflection of itself.

You’re waiting for hours just to get on with your memorable seconds. Oscar-winning seconds. Maybe within the hours of waiting the once loved ones become CEOs and GMs. Or else maybe they reach rock bottom. Either way; thy fall out of he circle of the target audience. And you’re still in the same spot waiting to deliver your line. A very important line. Who are you still here for? Or against? Seconds. Within seconds eyes meet, hearts break, empires fall, within seconds Romes are built. Events bring about events. People come and go. And the moment you realize it all and the moment it sinks in, you reflect “I have lived this” and it becomes a realization of the most profound importance and beauty.

Our minds, ambitions and dreams move to metropoleis to lose and find God knows what, but our hearts are still in some little towns walking around the lakes that used to be our childhood playgrounds. Seconds. Some seconds once upon a time created who we are. Those same seconds now decide what we’re giving. Seconds determine what will become, what is becoming of our lifetimes of seconds.

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