The second beginning

Fast forward a few years and it begins again. It begins with a craving for SOMETHING, and with an urge to find it, or at least look for it.
It begins with the thought that life is more than just going to work and brushing your teeth. It begins with an overpowering need to leave everything behind, the whole somewhat structured, little life, and set yourself in motion. See what the world holds outside my good old four walls. Who am I going to be walking some unknown paths, under the same skies, but someplace else? Is it still going to be me? After all that is the closest we can ever get to the miracle of being in the right place at the right time. Moving. Getting further from all that’s familiar, safe and easy, and approaching the challenge of the new and unknown. Feeling that everything is possible, that anything can happen. Discovering. Taming some new, unknown places, taming strangers, but also taming the unexpected and unknown in yourself. Dealing. Coping. Overcoming. Taking a master’s class at the university of life and learning. Sometimes learning it the hard way, but learning it all right.
I think that’s how us restless souls do it. We leave our cozy little lives behind one day out of love for the unreasonable and the ideal. Sooner or later each of us more or less suddenly decides to set off on a journey searching for their own individual SOMETHING. SOMETHING absolutely essential, profound and life-saving. We know that we have to at least try to find it, because we would not be able to go on otherwise. We are too scared to take the risk of missing it just staying at home in our slippers and watching tv.What are the chances of finding anything sitting at home and watching tv anyway? What if IT is going to pass me by? I can’t let that happen.
The thought. The moment of craving. The decision. You book a flight, pack a little bit of your dear home neatly in one medium-sized suitcase, and you’re off to start everything from scratch God-Knows-Where.

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