Prelude: So much life and so few words

It all ends and begins (sort of) in New York. It begins years of unwritten words ago, that’s why it is hard to begin properly.

It begins with “Once upon a time” and features a boy and a girl from back then. It begins in New York only ‘sort of’ and quite indirectly, because it really begins on an island. And it only takes hours to begin.

The island is hot, ancient and dazzling. Its people fancy wine, locally produced lemon liquor, fresh seafood and pasta. They speak the language, which, by some is referred to as the “peasant Italian”; not the melodic, smooth dialect of the cities, and for sure not what one would call “la Lingua di Dante”.

When it begins the world turns ridiculous and unreal. The island’s only volcano suddenly starts erupting (even though it hasn’t been expected to do so for at least another couple of years), the stars go flying across the firmament, the moon the size of a watermelon pops up in the sky and places itself lower than ever; almost touching the surface of the Mediterranean lighting it up with bright flickering patches of quicksilver. The island becomes a portal to reality that is beyond picture-perfect. Whatever is starting here and whatever will come in the following sequence of incredible whiles until now only had the right to exist in pastoral paintings or (I beg your pardon) in the imagination of Mrs.Danielle Steel. But this time, I swear, it’s all for real.

The boy is beautiful and the girl is somewhat over average attractive. Both young, passionate and daring. Two restless galaxies from different universes clashing into each other amid newly discovered sense of awe and metaphysical fireworks. Two travelers from two different hemispheres from now on will owe everything and nothing to each other; both at the same time. Exchange a sea of words they do, and exchange an ocean of dreams they do; they exchange some parts of their very selves like tokens, the way only random strangers on the road would do; lightly and fearlessly, not expecting anything in return. And after that comes the most beautiful sunrise ever spotted on the entire planet. And what follows next is a series of extended unbelievable whiles, which can be best described as ‘good’; those rare blessed periods of time when everything just falls into place and feels right with all the events coming along smoothly and effortlessly, always with a perfect timing, always the best possible way.

So yes; it begins trivially; with a romance. But what makes it different from any other romance in any other story is that  this is a true one. Life-changing. Perfectly unreasonable and fearless. And it makes absolutely no sense.

So the boy goes back to his hemisphere and the girl returns to hers. After enough time has passed the boy becomes a man and the girl turns into a woman. He settles down and soon is about to marry someone. She settles down and soon is about to leave everything behind. And that is how it ends and begins again.



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